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Across the nation, we are united in our dedication to children’s rights

Child education and hunger organisation was formed in 31st January 2017 by representatives of women and youth groups in nakasongola  wakiso mityana districsts against the backdrop that development opportunities for rural development abound under Uganda decentralization system, yet majority of the rural communities lack development due to their inability to utilize them. With over one year of community service, the organization has grown from a community-based organization to a non-profit NGO, operating in the thematic areas of education, human rights and hunger minimisation.  It seeks to create a future of hope for under-served children, women and their communities by helping them to build their skills and resources to reduce their vulnerability in a sustainable way.

Child education and hunger organisation has a seven-member Board of Directors that accesses the progress of the organization, make strategic decisions and look at program and administrative issues. The organization operates with nineteen staff, comprising four full-time, three part-time workers and 12 volunteers. It also provides opportunity for community volunteers and students on internship to learn and participate in its activities.

The organization has, since its formation, established good rapport with partners. It has collaborated with community leaders in different districts of nakasongola mityana and wakiso with funding from fundraising and well wishers to facilitate the enrolment of some children into schools in nakasongola district. It has also used civic education and advocacy in promoting care and support for people in the community through agriculture related programmes to improve standards of living, and increasing knowledge in sustainable environmental in nakasongola mitiyana and wakiso districts. We are currently working with fredo agro enterprises on provision of some food stuffs as well wishers. This is a high impact project that improves food security for up to 50 vulnerable people in 3 communities in nakasongola district.

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