Dear Volunteer, welcome to our Volunteer information and Application page. In Child education and hunger organisation, we welcome volunteers of all calibers, professions, ages 16 and above, who are willing to offer their time while working with us, so as to make a difference in the lives of many.

Our volunteer program is free of charge. We take care of our volunteers’ work schedules, legal arrangements for their coming and stay in the organisation among others. Volunteer related expenses especially air tickets, visas, leisure treats such as safaris, Uganda Tours among others are catered for by the volunteer though arranged by our staff on your behalf.

The Following are some of the major programs that need volunteer support. Please feel free to subscribe to any of them.

    • Administrative Support
      We welcome remote and non-remote volunteers who can work as country coordinators for a number of Child education and hunger organisation programs such as Volunteer Coordination, Fundraiser Campaign management, Donor outreach, among others. Eligible candidates are welcome to apply or contact us for more information.
    • Cause Fundraising programs
      For specific Causes, Child education and hunger organisation works with numerous kind volunteers around the globe to support emergence relief programs such as sudden floods that often consume lives of a number of our local inhabitants in Kampala, famine, children drop-out, increased street children and orphans due to HIV/IDs endemic, among others. To be part of this team, kindly feel free to apply as a volunteer.
    • Community outreach programs
      Volunteers willing to travel to Uganda and spend with us a couple of weeks or months are as well welcome to work with us as we reach out to the community through our Environmental, Health, counselling and medical outreach programs. Apply as an Individual or Group to Volunteer by Reaching out to the communities of Kampala – Uganda.
    • HIV/AIDs Counselling program
      HIV/AIDs counselling, and prevention resource distribution has become one of the core activities of Child education and hunger organisation given the rise in number of HIV/AIDs positive youths in Uganda, and East Africa as a whole. We therefore wholeheartedly welcome all well wishers, volunteers and donors of to the aid of this program. Much of the counselling programs are organized for youths, women, and persons living or working in restrains such as prisons. To Volunteer, Apply Today!

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