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Build a world where all children are safe, strong & valued

WELCOME TO Child Education and Hunger Organisation!

We envision an enlightened society where vulnerable children, and their households are fully enjoying access to human, women and child rights governance, Education, Health promotion, Environmental protection, agriculture modernization and Financial Literacy in their communities.


01 — Community Sentization
Parental and community sensitization. Parents and the entire community education on the value of children welfare.


02 — Scholarship Programmes
The aim is to work with the community education stakeholders to identify and profile families with children not going to school.


03 — Child Empowerment
Child Education And Hunger Organization believes in empowering proactive, goal oriented children. Through empowerment programmes.


04 — We Educate
We hope that a better future for our country lies in our children startup school.


05 — We Provide Care
The goal of real healthcare reform must be high-quality, universal coverage in a cost-effective way.


06 — Build Orphanges
We build homes for the vulnerable children in order to ensure proper bringing up of children and also improve on their standards of living.


The Power Behind Child Education And Hunger Organisation.

Child education and hunger organisation was formed in 31st January 2017 by representatives of women and youth groups in Jinja , Kamuli and Luwuka districts against the backdrop that development opportunities for rural development abound under Uganda decentralization system, yet majority of the rural communities lack development due to their inability to utilize them.
With over one year of community service, the organization has grown from a community-based organization to a Non-Profit Organisation, operating in the thematic areas of education, human rights and hunger minimization.  It seeks to create a future of hope for under-served children, women and their communities by helping them to build their skills and resources to reduce their vulnerability in a sustainable way.

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